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DOUG MC KECHNIE/catalytic agent

The camera is a magical thing, an instant sketchbook, an attempt to capture and hold a fleeting moment, a face, an idea, an emotion.

I have always been fascinated with photography. I studied with Jack Welpot and Judy Dater at San Francisco State in the early ’60s and always had a camera close at hand. But it wasn’t until the digital SLR was created that my impulse to document what I saw and immerse myself in the process became a reality.

The digital camera’s extension of light sensitivity means shooting without a flash in low light venues, allowing me to become unobtrusive in any situation. The creation of lightweight laser-fashioned lenses, able to go from extreme wide-angle to telephoto with a minimum of distortion, also adds to my ability to get the shot without disturbing the subject.

I now have a means to exercise my passion for documenting any process and a way of satisfying and exploring my fascination with the human condition.


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